Do you feel your maintenance could be more efficient?

Find out our how our solution makes Facility Managers save time & how it makes building owners save money yearly on reparations.

A complete IoT solution from damage detection to notification

Set up sensors

In minutes we identify & setup the sensors on critical areas that accurately measures if the element is taking water.


Gather & transform data

Gather data at intervals you decide to have an overview of your building components health for the next decade.

Send alarms

When the sensors detect abnormal behaviour it sends out alarms in the way you prefer to receive it: through your FM software, email or sms.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?

Current batterytechnology allows for 5 years at the moment, but batterytechnology allows us to reach 10 years and soon the sensors can outlast buildings.

How many sensors are needed per building?

It depends on the use-case and the size of the building, but after talking to multiple Facility Management experts we see that 15-20 sensors in average usually covers 90% of vulnerable areas where damages can occur

Where can I put these sensors?

The sensors can measure moisture level in all wood elements. Some places customers have requested sensors:
  1. In the rafter underneath roof construction to detect leakage from holes
  2. In facadeelements close to drain pipes to ensure their overflowing doesn't damage the apartment
  3. Underneath the bathroom tiles to prevent pipes leaking
  4. Under the washing machines to ensure that pipes and hoses are properly attached and not leaking

Basically anywhere people have experienced water damages and want to prevent it from happening again.