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Case - Folk High School

The folk high school had been through a bigger renovation of their building's roof due to moisture related damages that made the rafts unusable, but they had a listed building left they wanted to keep alive to prevent further millions being used on roof renovations.


At the other rooftops it wasn't discovered when the rainwater came in through the roof and made the raft beneath moist.

The rooftops are not always easily accessible and therefore is not a place Facility Managers usually check.

Due to that, the Facility Manager of the folk high school asked for a way to be alarmed when these critical elements beings to absorb water, instead of detecting the damage late as they are used to.


The folk high school uses BeResourceful's sensor & data solution to automatically monitor the moistening of wood in critical areas of their building

Sensors will be put around areas previously affected, such as at the ridge, around the window, the valley rafter and by the chimney


Doing so, the Facility Manager can now always access the condition of his components through his FM software or by setting up alarms so he gets immediately notified by mail or sms if moistening is happening



By using BeResourceful's solution can the Facility Manager be reassured knowing that his building is in good condition and that he will know immediately when damages occur.

  • Save time and resources by not having to manually check the building for damage periodically
  • Save costs by not having an external condition report made by vendors
  • Get a dynamic overview of his building through existing FM tools