Is it really possible to know where external leakages happen? According to experts, yes

It might be difficult imagining that our sensor can cover most damages from external leakages, however expert Facility Managers think different.

The usual suspects

For the average resident it seems like moisture damages happen completely random. It is not as random as it might seem at first glance. At least not to experienced building inspectors.

Preben Gramstrup from wrote in his report on digital opportunities to better use existing buildings that 15-20 sensors would be enough to cover for the biggest external leakages.

Because it does happen at the same places over and over again. It happens around the chimney, the window rafters, the drain pipes - over and over again.

Below is an example from a customer where we in 30 seconds show placements of some of the most vulnerable areas.

Click image to see video.

Sensor showcase

As we set up our sensors in customers buildings we always bring in an expert to identify the vulnerable areas so you are ensured the sensors will pick the damages that may occur in your building.