Cocreating track and trace solutions with industry leaders

This week we spent co-creating solutions for track & trace together with Zublin, Velux, Lyngsoe Systems, Rockwool, Dress & Sommer, Manawell, COWI and Dansk Drone Kompagni Aps. at BLOXHUB.

Willingness to collaborate

Throughout the 2 day workshop I noticed a strong desire to change the construction industry. The participants came with a wish to solve their work problems, but they all also had a personal motivation to make the construction industry more sustainable

‍‍ matchandcreate

Smith Innovation did a great job guiding us through the process of narrowing down our sporadic ambitious thoughts into a pilot project that can test a variant of our vision


At the end of the 2 days we had gathered all the insights from the problem owners (Velux, Zublin & Rockwool) and distilled that into a solution. From that we created a pitch, product interface drafts, budget proposal, data models & a schedule


If everything goes well, then will we start to see the first seeds be planted towards a more circular construction industry over the next months..

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