Moisture damages is the most frequent & silent killer in buildings

Insurance companies pay out billions yearly in Denmark, and that is not taking into consideration all the expenses related to health issues & the hassle of rehousing.

That doesn't happen to me

Like any other accident we cross our fingers hoping this won't happen to us. Maybe that is why we see most eagerness for our sensors at places where they have experienced a water related damage within the last 5 year. Then they remember the hassle it was to report that damage, ask for funding & handle frustrated tenants until the renovation was over.

But it does happen to everyone in their lifetime. In average a household gets a water-related damage every 8th year for an average cost of €43.000. Suddenly spending a few thousand on detecting these damages doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

And that is just the financials savings for the average household. By detecting these damages early we also save the world for a lot of CO2 emissions by minimizing the amount of materials needed for the renovation.

We are currently finishing up research on the exact amount of CO2 savings related to materials & transportation based on data from the material vendor.


As we set up our sensors in customers buildings we always bring in an expert to identify the vulnerable areas so you are ensured the sensors will pick the damages that may occur in your building.