Making governmental digital strategies happen

This januar the government published a strategy for digitalization in the construction industry. It is divided into 18 initiatives that spans 5 areas

  1. Better use of digital tools
  2. Open formats & common standards
  3. Better use of data
  4. Digital competencies to the entire value chain
  5. More sustainable construction through digitalization

The Next Level event, organized by the construction knowledge center Molio, Dansk Byggeri, BLOXHUB & InnoByg, was an attempt to gather all important construction stakeholders to showcase how this strategy can be established in their companies

Invite new innovative companies in!

One surprising comment that was mentioned by many and especially from the representant from the Building Authority, Lise Aaen Kobberholm, was that construction companies need to invite new technological players in to collaborate and innovate with.

The existing companies are too bound by the norms and are too conservative. Inviting companies from outside the sector is necessary to create a truly digital construction process was one of the many good ideas from Henrik Schødts, director at Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland.

The biggest risk is not to be digital

Another great point came from Henrik Schødts when talking about the risks involved in making the construction process more digital: The risk by digitizing is to do it as bad as we already are in the construction industry

Henrik is referring to the average delays & cost overruns that the industry is hit by.

The great thing is to see that there are actors like Henrik & others in the construction sector that are willing to try out new solutions for leveraging technology in construction. If you are one of these, please get in contact!