Track & trace solution

How does it work?

We supply sensors that can be built into your product according to your own choice.

We provide you with an interface that helps you GPS mark virtual boundaries of all your facilities as well as create sub-divisions within them.

We supply the gateway that connects to all of your sensors. Gateways need to be placed in the key locations (factory, construction site) within 200m reach of sensors.

What does that mean to you?

Basic awareness of where materials and building components are is a simple but powerful tool that saves time, money and frustration for all partners involved in construction & demolishing.

You know where exactly in the manufacturing facility each component is located

Automatic updates to your dashboard notifying you that products are now: ‘ in transition,’ ‘delivered,’ ‘stored on plot X,’ ‘installed’

Each product is linked to BIM and therefore all involved can see live updates on the 3d model

Data sharing is now easy and specific to each partner involved in a construction project. The manufacturer can choose what they liked to share with a construction company, an architect and vice versa.