On a journey to make the construction industry sustainable

When we saw the enormous CO2 footprint the construction and building industry has - we realized we had to step up and create a solution to end that waste.

Dansk Industri


of global C02 emissions stem from the building and construction industry

Dansk Industri


of construction materials end in a landfill

BeResourceful emerged from an impact bootcamp focusing on limiting global warming to 1.5°C

As we dug into the research and talked to experts from the entire construction industry, we realized the 2 main reasons building owners don't reuse their materials is because

  1. they don't know what components they have in their buildings and
  2. in what condition their materials are in.
What is missing is an active material passport that follows the building components throughout their entire lifetime.

The industry have screamed for active monitoring, but said it wasn't possible technically.

Until now..

Material Passport

From vision to implementation


Accelerate the construction industry's sustainable transition


Use technology to gather data about buildings to enable better use of resources

What we do

BeResourceful has created the first IoT solution that allows real-time monitoring of building elements. Our sensors detect damages as they occur and send out alarms for Facility Managers.

Our sensors are installed in minutes on the critical areas identified and you decide the frequency of component health reports you want. This solution reduces the costly labour involved in manually checking components periodically and ensures you avoid the need for big repairs as it happens when you detect damages too late.

By doing so, BeResourceful extends the lifetime of resources and minimises the amount of resources needed for renovations.

The team to make this change possible


Jeppe Rasmussen


Bringing project management & software experience from Microsoft to create a secure functioning software product


Claes Jakobsen


Bringing hardware experience from the world's leading robotics hub, SDU, to accelerate the development of the devices to make them reliable & accurate

Backed by proven industry achieved advisors


Christian Arne Jørgensen

Bringing future insights from working with smart homes since the 80's


Manuel Maestrini

Bringing IoT startup experience from being CEO of Nordsense


Lone Møller Sørensen

Bringing decades of construction industry experience from all parts of the value chain


Amit Lohiya

Bringing impact business development from his years of experience as CEO of Bloodlink