How does it work


Implementing sensors on newly manufactured building components/materials.


Products enter the open online database and GPS tracking is activated.


Manufacturers, leasers and architects are able to see what materials are available and track them throughout their lifetime.


Of worldwide waste comes from construction materials


Of global energy-related CO2 emissions can be attributed to the building and construction industry


Of urban solid waste is construction and demolition waste


Of construction materials end in a landfill.


We see cities as ecosystems where there is no waste, just things in the wrong place

Open platform

Our platform makes everyone involved in the process aware where and at what condition resources are.


We see the future where building materials and components are used perpetually and where the building is not the last stop before the wasteland but just a pitstop.

We work with both manufacturers and designers to encourage such process and we provide digital products that accommodate it.


Kristine Ohrt

Business Developer

Leading expert in upcycling of building materials

Jeppe Rasmussen

Technical Project Manager

Previously at Microsoft building secure scaleable cloud solutions

Manuel Maestrini

Technology Advisor

Founder & CTO at International IoT Waste Management Startup, Nordsense

Lone Møller Sørensen

Business Advisor & Coach

Decades of construction industry experience from Ramboll, SBI, Velux, Rockwool, Public Sector & more

Amit Lohiya

Product Advisor

Brings deep technical hardware knowhow together with years of social entrepreneurial experience

Christian Arne Jørgensen

Strategy Advisor

Have worked with futuristic technologies since the 80's & know how to build for the future


Hardware expertise

We are currently looking for a hardware expert or embedded software developer

Winner of Founders of Tomorrow 2019, supported by


Let's work together.