Black cat Mr Darcy on the lap of one of the Blue Cross team having a fuss

Elderly cat homeless after owner's death

At the grand old age of 15 years, Mr Darcy has found himself homeless after his owner sadly passed away.

We are hoping it won’t be too long before Mr Darcy, who is just as handsome as his literary namesake, finds a new home where he can relax in his golden years.

“Mr Darcy has lived his 15 years as a lap cat in a loving home,” says Matt Pedley, an Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Hertfordshire rehoming centre. “He is doing well here at the centre but would love to be in a home again where he can be the centre of someone’s world.”

The distinguished gentleman is suffering from health problems and will need further support in his new home.

Black cat Mr Darcy looking to camera standing on a pink blanket
Handsome Mr Darcy loves nothing more than a fuss and a snooze in the sunshine

Matt adds: “Poor Mr Darcy has an eye condition called entropion, which is where the eyelid is turned inwards and the eyelashes and fur to rub on the eye. It must be very irritating and painful for him.”

Staff at the rehoming centre have been caring for My Darcy’s eyes with medicated eye drops and gels as his eye condition has left him suffering from conjunctivitis. He is currently being given a special diet for cats with liver problems, as well as close monitoring.

Mr Darcy is now searching for a home where he can enjoy as much fuss as possible and a garden where he can lap up some sunshine.

Can you give this sweet chap the home and love he deserves?

— Page last updated 19/05/2022