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Blue Cross Ukraine Pet Welfare Fund

We have a long history of helping animals in times of conflict.

In 1912, The Blue Cross Fund was set up to help animals during the Balkan War. 

Today, we are witnessing the impact of the atrocities in Ukraine, with many people fleeing with their pets. In some cases, they’re carrying them for miles on end, not wanting to leave their family members behind.

Those in eastern parts of Ukraine are still suffering with no sign of an end in sight. And some pets have been left behind because their families are not able to bring them along as they flee.

You can help by donating to our Blue Cross Ukraine Pet Welfare Fund

We are providing funds to animal welfare charities we've partnered with in Poland and Romania which are providing frontline support to Ukrainian people and their pets.

Three woman and a dog speak across a table lined with supplies including pet food and animal carriers

All the money donated by supporters to the Blue Cross Ukraine Pet Welfare Fund will be shared between several charity partners including:

  • Save the Dogs and other animals which currently has a team on the Ukraine-Romania border, providing aid to refugees with pets
  • The Animal Care Society, called TOZ, which is providing aid to Ukrainian pets and their owners as they arrive in Poland
  • TAC.social (Transylvania Animal Care), based in Romania, which is providing medical treatment to Ukrainian pets

Donations provided through the fund are going towards:

  • feeding and caring for stray dogs in Ukraine
  • providing people and pets who have fled their homes with advice and supplies such as food, cat litter, harnesses, leads and pet carriers
  • giving pets from Ukraine the vet treatment they need
  • reuniting pets with their owners when they have been separated
  • making sure owners and pets can stay somewhere safe together once they have crossed the border

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100 per cent of the donations raised by this appeal will go directly to our selected charities working with pets and people in Ukraine or displaced by the war in Ukraine.

If we raise more money than our partners require at this time or in the foreseeable future, we will seek to allocate the additional amount to other pet welfare charities working on the Ukraine crisis. In the unlikely event that we are unable to find suitable partners who share our charitable aims, we will allocate any additional funds directly to our veterinary work in the UK.

All photos provided by Save the Dogs and other animals, Romania.

— Page last updated 20/06/2022