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300,125 Steps for Pets in July Challenge

300,125 Steps for Pets in July Challenge


"It was a really positive experience! It was great to connect with other likeminded people to achieve a goal and raise money for an awesome cause!" - a participant in our 3,000 Squats in August Challenge

As we celebrate our 125th anniversary, we’re challenging you to do 300,125 steps during the month of July to raise money for pets in need. It is free to register for this event and we simply ask that you raise what you can.

As you raise vital funds, you’ll be getting fitter! And if that wasn't enough, you'll be directly helping sick, injured and homeless pets at the same time. Join us, as we strive for a future where more pets live happy, healthy lives – and more people can experience the truly life-changing joy of pets.

You can complete this virtual challenge in a way that suits you and at your own pace. For example, you could do a different number of steps each day to clock up the numbers throughout July. Or you could choose to complete a set amount each day even taking some as rest days.

"Loved every minute and the support from the Facebook Group has been blooming brilliant." - a participant in our 3,125 Sit-Ups in February Challenge

  • Join the 300,125 Steps for Pets in July Facebook group where you'll find information on how to register for your FREE exclusive challenge t-shirt and set up your Facebook fundraiser, as well as share photos and updates of your progress with the 300,125 Steps for Pets community.
  • If you don’t want to fundraise, but are happy to give a donation to our work to help cover the costs of sending t-shirts, you can donate here (choose the give now option).